Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Service

Our tools plug into the extensible framework offered by the synchronization service, opening up new scripting and codeless provisioning options


Lithnet Autosync

Lithnet AutoSync is a windows service that runs along side of the FIM/MIM Synchronization service, and automatically executes management agent run profiles. 


Synchronization Service PowerShell Module

(aka MIIS PowerShell)

The Lithnet FIM/MIM Synchronization Service PowerShell Module provides cmdlets that allow interactions with the FIM/MIM Synchronization engine that goes beyond what is exposed via the supported WMI provider.


Universal MA Rules Extension

Lithnet Universal MA Rules Extension (UMARE) is a codeless data transform engine for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 and Microsoft Identity Manager. UMARE provides a means for transforming attributes in and out of the metaverse without the need to write custom code.