Microsoft Identity Manager Service

Our comprehensive toolset allows you to save time, simplify your scripts and open up your MIM service to new possibilities


MIM Service PowerShell Module

The Lithnet FIM/MIM Service PowerShell module is designed to make working with the FIM Service faster and easier. It abstracts away the complexity of the FIM Service and the FIMAutomation PowerShell module, and exposes a robust set of cmdlets for creating, updating, deleting and searching for resources.


MIM Service .NET Client Library

The Lithnet FIM/MIM Service .NET client library is a nuget package that developers can add to their .NET projects to programtically interact with the Microsoft FIM/MIM service.

This library has a similar purpose to the FIM 2010 Client, but abstracts away the peculiars of the web service implementation into a robust object model. The development of the FIM 2010 client was abandoned some time ago and unfortunately, the client suffers from a number of bugs and performance issues. This library is not intended to be a drop-in replacement for that library. It is a complete re-write with a new API and more approachable way of working with the objects in the FIM service.



The Lithnet FIM/MIM Service REST API is a wrapper for the FIM/MIM Service's SOAP/WCF endpoint, exposing create, update, delete and search functionality via a series of standard HTTP calls. The API returns JSON-formatted data, making it compatible with a wide range of platforms and services